Buying a Concealer? Use this Checklist!

From foundation, corrector, concealer, contour and so many other products out there, how to know which goes where, how, why?! Add to it the complexity of finding the brand and shade to match YOUR specific makeup needs, and we have a problem worthy of rocket science. But worry not – Dazller Cosmetics has your back in discovering the latest tips, tricks, and guides for the perfect beauty regimen. Today, let’s delve into the elusive best friend of Foundation – The Concealer. 

What is a Concealer? 

Simply put, the concealer helps your beauty stand out - that means one swipe on any blemish, and it will stay hidden. So away with that acne scar from last week (because of one bad decision to pop it, yikes!); bye-bye to the dark circles (because you decided to stay up late just once!). A concealer won’t make imperfections disappear, but it is useful to cover them temporarily, so your beauty can take the stage! 

What is the difference between a concealer and foundation? 

A foundation is for laying the base on your face and upper neck. A good foundation will act like a stage where performances take place – meaning, it will ensure that all other makeup that goes on top sets nicely (and stays put!), so that YOU can go about your day, feeling badass. Wondering how to find your foundation shade? Check out our past blog posts on undertones and how to use them to find your foundation shade. 

On the other hand, the concealer, along with the corrector, is used to create an even colour throughout your face. Before or after applying your favourite foundation, wherever you see blemishes and dark spots, dab some concealer on and around the area and blend, blend, blend. A good concealer will help you achieve all of this within seconds 😀  

Must-have checklist when choosing a concealer: 

  • Texture: Liquid or solid concealer? Creamy concealers are great for dry skin, while liquid concealers work well for all skin types and offer buildable coverage. Stick concealers are convenient for on-the-go touch-ups. 
  • Undertone: Do you know if your skin has a “warm” or “cold” undertone? Check that the concealer has the same undertone as your skin – otherwise, the spots will end up looking grey. Yikes! 
  • Shade Matching: If you enjoy using the concealer with your favourite foundation, ensure that the shades complement each other. The best practice is to pick a concealer shade just slightly lighter than your foundation shade and then use the foundation on top, to create a seamless patch. Tip: Test shades only in natural light, for best results. 
  • Skin Type and Concerns: Is your skin dry, normal, oily, sensitive or a combination? Are you plagued by acne, dark circles, redness or other face glitches? Select a concealer formula that addresses all your needs effectively. For example, the Eterna Captivate Concealer is a liquid matte-finish formulation that contains skin rejuvenating herbs like Brahmi, Chamomile and Tree Turmeric, making it perfect for normal to oil skin that needs some pampering. 
  • Finish: Concealers come in different finishes such as matte, satin or dewy. Matte finishes are great for oily skin, while dewy finishes add a radiant glow to dry skin. Just make sure that the finish matches the finish of your foundation. 

How can I combine Concealers with Correctors and Contouring? 

For a flawless base, use the foundation and concealer in combination with a good CCC palette and compact powder.  Team Dazller recommends hydrating + priming the skin well. Follow up with colour-correcting using the green or orange shades from the CCC palette. Then go ahead and conceal those same areas and other lighter or darker spots. Finally, use your favourite foundation and a good makeup brush to blend everything nicely. Finish up with compact and voilà! Your makeup base is ready.